Yoogo - Vocabulary Trainer

Yoogo is a vocabulary trainer with lots of great features.
It comes with a great vocabulary management in books and lists, a synonym checker, CSV importer and many more things. Many languages are supported, also languages with non-Latin characters, like Japanese, Chinese or Arabic.
Just read further to get to know more about it.


Books list screenshot


You learn languages with books? Great! With Yoogo you can organize your vocabulary in virtual books. So you can find your vocabulary quickly.

Lists screenshot


Books contain lists. In these lists you can, for instance, organize the chapters of your book. Or group them in your preferred way.

Your books also have intelligent lists that are composed automatically. There are lists for new words, words that have to be checked again and words you did not check for a long time.

Words screenshot


Words have fields for the actual words as well as for comments that will appear when you test your words.

You don't know how to pronounce a word? No problem! Yoogo tells you. Just tap on the speaker icon in the word details or even while testing words.

Testing options screenshot

Many options for testing

With Yoogo, you can customize how you want your vocabulary to be tested. Beside options like the word order or the checking direction, you can also parenthesize parts of your word to make them optional in testing, or also choose between different modes like a simple test, multiple choice or a word presentation.

Testing screenshot

Easy testing

The testing of your words is really easy. And features like optional words and a detection which synonym you entered make it easier to check words.

Testing statistic screenshot

Clear statistics

With the clear statistic view you have a great illustration of your testing result.

Book statistic screenshot

Watch your progress

You can watch your learning progress with the bar charts. Want to know more about a recent testing result? Just tap on the bar and you get detailed information.

CSV import screenshot

CSV Import

You can import your vocabulary also from CSV files via iTunes import or an URL. That allows you to write down your vocabulary on your computer and later put them on your iPhone or iPad.


For iPhone and iPad

Universal App for iPhone and iPad
Yoogo supports Dropbox synchronization to keep your books between your devices up to date.

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